We can now do airbag resetting and crash data removal from a wide range of airbags for many different manufacturers. Please call on 07743646235 with the airbag ecu part number and vehicle make and model.

We can now supply and program Mercedes keys using the EIS switch..

Just send your switch to us and we will send it back with a working key to start your car. You can alternativly read the data yourself and program the key using this equipment.

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At Autoremoteman we pride ourselfs in giving our custSomers the best quality and service while also giving great prices on all our products. We have been repairing and suppling keys and key parts for many years and know what our customers need.We have over 15 years experience in the automotive industry Key repairs and training to eeprom work and tech support.

Brand New Renault Megane & Laguna keycards supplied at HIGHLY competative prices.

Key repairs and replacement parts

At Autoremoteman we repair a wide range of keys & Remotes for many different vechles and different faults from buttons broken or loose from circit board to water damaged. eg:- gone through the washing machine. We try to never be defeated by a problem. Unfortunatly sometimes there is on saving them. In these circumstances we would look at alternative ways to solve the problem but still keeping the costs down.

Key repairs for most makes and models.